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Forty-Five Degree Bracket


Entry ID #: 6541
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 10:53 AM

One of the issues are team has had in previous years has been lack of support for the tower/arm of the robot. It can be connected to walls on the sides, or brace bars, but it still tilts after so much use. This part will be used to add stronger bracing to all 45 degree angles when needed. We had all of our members come up with part ideas, and we decided on which one would be the most useful. After several prototypes on TinkerCAD, this is our final design. This project is very helpful for teaching all team members how to use 3D modeling software and will be useful for our careers in STEM fields. By learning 3D modeling, we can prototype hardware without expending material. This skill is also useful for 3D printing parts for our robots in competitions.

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