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Quadruple Screw Collar


Entry ID #: 6553
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 11:03 AM

Quadruple Screw Collar Issues with collars slipping?  Try this,,, The part created is a square collar that improves upon the design of collars that are used today. With the current collars they have only one point of contact on the axels, with the square design it has 4 possible contact points. Another design change is the actual hole, we have changed it to a square hole so you are guaranteed to get it on the flat surfaces of the axel. The new collar would be used in the same way that a normal collar would be used, to hold axels in their respective motors and to prevent them from coming out of the motor. We used the most recent version of inventor to make our 3D design. First we had to find the dimensions to the original collars which was about 3/16th of an inch. The hole where the axel would be, the hole was about 1/8th of an inch. In out design the hole would be square so we had to center the square hole which will be the hole for the axel. After getting dimensions set i had to extrude it to make 3D. One it was 3D in went to each side where the screw would be. I made a hole with the diameter of 1/8th of an inch. These holes are the same size as the screws already used in collars. I had to also thread the holes. This project really taught me how to brainstorm and think. There aren’t a lot of things to be approve, but there are some. In the future I will try to use 3D software if possible. Inventor is a great software, i can draw 3D models of things I’m building to see how it look and fits together. As an engineer i would say learning 3D software is very helpful in my career path. Being an engineer we have to make and create new things or improve things, so 3D software can help us see how it will look.


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