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Team 356 The Dragons Website


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Created: Fri, Jan 11, 2019 4:30 PM

Team 356 built this new and updated website at the end of Worlds in 2018 April and used information from our previous years' website which had won second place in the world as our resource tool. We have been updating our website since, and hope to achieve the first place position this year. Our goal for this website was to provide the members on our team and others with helpful resources, to keep our team organized and a source of communication for the people in our community who are interested in the VEX program. The two fundamental rules that Team 356 goes by are: “Vex is Life” and “DWWGI”. The term, “DWWGI”, is an acronym for “Don’t Worry, We Got It”. This simply means they will keep a positive mindset and work harder every day to achieve their goals. They just have to get the work done, no matter how many attempts it takes. This is our second time submitting in an online challenge and we hope for the best as we have a strong, well-built website. Team 356 is located in Brampton, Ontario consisted of a group of students who are looking for a way to recognize their talents and future through this club. Click here to view the website


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