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TJVEX Robotics Lab Website Beta version


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Created: Sun, Jan 13, 2019 5:33 AM

We are building a website to collect and classify different kinds of robots we make and providing some beginner courses of program on it. Meeting TJVEX Robotics Lab Website Beta version! We are a community of students from Tongji University,Shanghai,China. It's our second year to participate in vex competition.  The TJVEX Robotics Lab Website entry for teams TJU1 and TJU2. Why we build it Our school has two campuses which are very far apart. It troubles us a lot when we are recruiting new members from freshmen who have to study in the campuses different from us for one year. So we decide to build this website to provide some online courses for our junior schoolmates. Now there are only some blogs of programming written in Chinese, lacking of blogs about construction steps of vex robots. How we build it For the early version in 2018, we just use Wordpress to build our website. We plan to redesign our homepage during the next year.  Comming next year More blog about programming. We have used V5 for half a year. More videos. A knowledge base of different kinds of robots. English version.


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The Vex Lab of Tongji University was established in 2017. It is affiliated to the School of Electronics and Information Engineering of Tongji University. While participating in the VEX Engineering Challenge, it is committed to helping other organizations to participate in VEX and STEM projects.